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30 dimensioni = 374 pezzi

20x 20x 19x 19x 19x 19x
2,9x1,78 3,68x1,78 4,48x1,78 5,28x1,78 6,07x1,78 7,66x1,78
XR-006 XR-007 XR-008 XR-009 XR-010 XR-011
13x 13x 13x 13x 19x --
13,95x2,62 12,37x2,62 10,78x2,62 9,19x2,62 9,25x1,78 --
XR-113 XR-112 XR-111 XR-110 XR-012 --
13x 13x 13x 10x -- --
15,54x2,62 17,13x2,62 18,72x2,62 18,64x3,53 -- --
XR-114 XR-115 XR-116 XR-210 -- --
10x 6x 6x 6x -- --
37,69x3,53 37,47x5,33 40,65x5,33 43,82x5,33 -- --
XR-222 XR-325 XR-326 XR-327 -- --
10x 10x 10x 10x 10x --
36,10x3,53 34,52x3,53 32,92x3,53 31,34x3,53 29,75x3,53 --
XR-221 XR-220 XR-219 XR-218 XR-217 --
10x 10x 10x 10x 10x 10x
20,22x3,53 21,82x3,53 23,40x3,53 24,99x3,53 26,58x3,53 28,17x3,53
XR-211 XR-212 XR-213 XR-214 XR-215 XR-216