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From now on our services are available at the e-services platform EASY, which offers, as before, the whole catalogue program of DICHTOMATIK to you.

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Back-Up Rings available in further standard dimensions

Dichtomatik STU type back-up rings are now available from stock in all standard dimensions to match our O-rings. If you need assistance in selecting the right O-ring/Back-up ring combination, please contact us.


Organizational merger Hungary

As of June 1st, Dichtomatik Kft. and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Kft. merged in Hungary. This results in many advantages for our customers. Click here to learn more about the merger.


Organizational merger Sweden 

As of March 1st, Dichtomatik AB and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB merged in Sweden. This results in many advantages for our customers in the nordics. 


Extension of the range of O-rings

The O-ring assortment has also been extended by the dimensions of the French standard R (NF T47 501 Series R). These are available from stock in the materials NBR 80 and FKM 80 as of now. A list of all dimensions can be found here.


Extension of the range of round cords

Our broad range of round cords is now extended and includes the dimensions of the French standard R (NF T47 501 Series R). Round cords made of the materials NBR 70, FKM 75 and VMQ 60 are available from stock. VMQ round cords are also suited for contact with food as usual (reference tests according to FDA and EG 1935/2004).


New: O-rings FKM 70 black

For applications that require a material hardness of 70 Shore A, we offer new FKM materials ex stock as of now. The dimensions already available can be found on our EASY online ordering platform or in the eCatalog.


FKM 75 O-rings for Aseptic Pipe Couplings

Effective immediately, the complete O-ring selection is available from stock in FKM 75 perox. (FP759412) for pipe couplings in accordance with DIN 11864-1 Form A. The FP759412 material has conformity tests for contact with food (FDA, EC 1935/2004) and 3-A Sanitary Class I, and is suitable for CIP/SIP media.


Other potential uses for O-rings

Effective immediately, O-rings made of NBR 90 for

  • straight screw-in and tube connections in accordance with AS 568
  • metric thread with conical countersink in accordance with ISO 6149 and
  • the EO series

are fully available from stock.




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