Our service is available on the EASY online ordering platform. As usual, EASY gives you access to the entire Dichtomatik catalogue portfolio.

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Sweden + Hungary + Austria + France

Two become one

This year, selected Dichtomatik sites will merge with the respective Freudenberg site in europe and henceforth operate jointly under the name of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. In this way, we want to guarantee the best possible service to our customers.

The first merger already took place on March 1 in Sweden. Here Dichtomatik AB in Landskrona and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB, located in Bromma, merged.
Thanks to this joint presence, our customers will benefit in many ways. For instance they now benefit equally from the portfolios and services of both brands - Freudenberg and Dichtomatik. Services such as Freudenberg Xpress®, kitting, local logistics solutions as well as the choice between the premium product and industry standard quality completes the offer.

With the implementation of SAP, our customers in Sweden now also have access to the online ordering platform EASY that makes seal purchasing a child's play. After entering some basic data, you can locate the product that you want in no time at all. You can view important information such as pricing, current availability and delivery times right in the EASY system. You can then generate the order directly out of the system. We are also offering the EASY Business Connector to simplify the ordering process even more. It is a turnkey EDI solution enabling a system-to-system connection. You eliminate double order entry without any setup or maintenance costs. 

Please note: The EASY e-service is just available for those locations with SAP connection.


Update Hungary:

On June 1, 2020, the production site of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in Kecskemét merged with the former Dichtomatik site in Budapest to form a legal entity. Also here, processes, systems (including SAP) and standards have been adapted and implemented in order to offer customers the best possible service of both brands.


Update Austria:

On 1 September 2020, the former Dichtomatik site in Vienna merged with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Austria based in Kufstein to form one legal organisation. All data relevant to accounting now runs on Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Austria GmbH & Co KG. Both locations now promote and sell premium Freudenberg and Dichtomatik industrial standard seals from a single source. Thanks to standardised processes and the implementation of SAP, Austrian customers can now order products of both brands on their own on the EASY online ordering platform.


Update France:

December 1 marked the fourth and last merger for this year of two Freudenberg sites in France. Since that date, the former Dichtomatik site in Loché has been operating under the name Freudenberg Sealing Technologies SAS. All invoice-relevant data now runs on Freudenberg Sealing Technologies SAS in Langres. The renamed Loché site now promotes and sells premium Freudenberg and Dichtomatik industrial-standard seals from a single source. Thanks to uniform, standardized processes and the introduction of SAP, French customers can now order products of both brands independently on the EASY online ordering platform.